Our Services

We provide solutions in the field of solar energy in general, whether used in the agricultural field or used in generating electrical energy for homes, factories, and various buildings:


Solar photovoltaic water pumping (SWP) uses energy from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to power an electric water pump. The entire process, from sunlight to stored energy, is elegant and simple.


On-grid solar systems, also known as grid-tied solar systems, function by synchronising the system with the electrical grid. In the simplest terms, an on-grid solar system is like a two-way road – where electricity travels from the utility grid to your home and vice versa.


Contrastingly, an off-grid solar system operates independently of the local utility grid. Picture an off-grid system as an island operating on its own. A big part of this system includes batteries to store excess power generated during the day, to then be used during the nights or lower production days.

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We provide industrial solutions (AUTOMATION), as we have many products that work to provide these solutions.

We provide solutions for elevators

as the company provides these solutions to those working in the field of elevator construction and installation.

We also provide

technical and engineering consultations

to our clients in the sectors in which we work through a highly experienced technical team, contributing to our national role.

technical support services

for those three aforementioned sectors throughout the week.