A company operating in the Egyptian market since 2014 in the field of supplying solar energy products. It was established by (Ibrahim Gamal, Youssef Mostafa, Ahmed Abdel Fattah), and began supplying solar energy products, then became an exclusive agent for VEICHI products in Egypt since late 2019.

Quickly contributed to pioneering the name REES TECH in the solar energy market in Egypt after achieving high sales. Then REES TECH began to add new sectors to it, Automation sectors in the industrial field and the Elevators sector, so that the name REES TECH became one of the most important names of companies operating in the fields of solar energy, automation and elevators in Egypt from 2019 until now.


REES TECH participated in international and local forums in the solar energy, automation and elevator sectors, and the most prominent of these participations was the SOLAR SHOW MENA exhibition in May 2023 in Egypt. And the Riyadh exhibition in Saudi Arabia.